In the spirit of collaboration, Christopher works with parents and children to collectively bring the sense of wonder spirit to your home, school or... Creating a unique custom environment which genuinely speaks to the child, family or community is the goal. When possible, including your child(ren) in the process is the experience that connects and provokes possibility.

One-on-One Build
Santa Monica, Ca


-Consulting w/ Designs
-Consulting, Designs, Building & Installation
-One-on-one building with your child  :
  a slower pace for a more immersive experience.

Outdoor Environment - Design
Ojai, Ca

Child's Work Space

Santa Monica, Ca.

'We were so fortunate to have met Christopher, who built a treehouse play structure for our 3-year-old daughter in our small front yard. We wanted something that wouldn't stick out like an eyesore since it is in the front of our house. The method by which he designed, built, and introduced the space to our daughter was nothing short of amazing. She was able to tell us what she wanted (a pulley), help pour the concrete, and also help pick out the color for her treehouse floor. 

Our daughter feels such pride of ownership in this play space because she watched it come to life from Christopher's sketch pad.  The whole process from the beginning has excited our whole family and every friend and neighbor. We know she and her friends will enjoy it for years.' 

Pacific Palisades, Ca.

Santa Monica, Ca.

Fairy-Inspired Bedroom 
Santa Monica, Ca.
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Vashon Island, Wa.

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