Christopher Haskins
Co-Founder | Director | Instructor

Joy Horgan
Co-Founder | Director | Instructor

It is time for children to retreat to the days of old where bare feet and imaginations run free.  Welcome to our camp, Sense of Wonder.  Together, Christopher Haskins and Joy Horgan have an extensive background working with children.  Christopher was an Atelierista for five years, he combined his Art and early childhood development background, to create open-ended experiences and environments for children.  Joy was a teacher for six years, and in 2006 received her Masters in Psychology, with a focus on Child Development & Family Therapy.

At Sense of Wonder, we strive to recreate experiences for children that echo the simplicity of life before the lure of television and computers... when going out to play was full of unknown possibilities, from catching a dragonfly to building a boat and playing in a creek... when coming home at the end of a full day brought about a chatter that recalled details of a journey taken.  At Sense of Wonder, we combine beautiful outdoor settings with opportunities to allow children’s creativity to emerge without the distortions and interruptions of our chaotic everyday lives.  We do this by bringing together nature with the opportunities of an atelier: drawing, painting, and clay sculpture -- as well as theater, knitting, puppetry, cooking, storytelling, photography and music.  Making rope swings, building shelters and bridges, creating bow & arrows and solar ovens...  all are possible at Sense of Wonder. Throughout our program we focus on enhancing social, environmental and community awareness.  And we make the most of every opportunity to provide children with empowering moments, chances to experience firsthand that they are capable of so much, creatively and constructively.  On any given day you might find handmade wooden scooters, fishing poles, butterfly nets, skate buggies, creek catchers or fairy houses in construction.  Here children learn that they, too, can use a hammer and a brush and a needle to bring their inspirations to life.

Sense of Wonder Camp is intentionally an outdoor-only program.  Christopher and Joy are firm believers in the importance of the role of nature in our children’s lives.  Outdoor play offers the feeling of freedom and vital stimulation of the senses that can be otherwise lost indoors.  It also unites children with our planet and all the gifts it has to offer.  We encourage all who attend camp to be prepared for sunny and/or inclement weather each and every day.   Even though it’s Southern California be sure to pack a sun hat, sweater, warm shoes and socks, so that your child can be prepared, comfortable and able to enjoy their outdoor camp experience.

We offer organic fruits and vegetables for snack, provided throughout the morning.  We encourage everyone to bring a bag lunch that includes reusable containers to help minimize trash and our footprint on the planet.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All our best,
Christopher & Joy

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